Reasons glass cooktops crack

A glass cooktop offers a lot of convenient features. For instance, you'll have fewer problems with food burning onto the surface, and children can't burn themselves as easily on a glass cooktop. However, there are some drawbacks to glass cooktops. They don't work well with certain types of cookware, and there are a number of ways to damage the surface. Some problems that you may encounter with a glass cooktop are easier to repair than others.

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Glass cooktops are prone to scratching. Deep scratches can't be repaired. However, if your cooktop has light scratching or streaking, this can be buffed out.

You can either make a paste of baking soda and water, or use a metal polishing creme. Rub the paste using a soft cloth in a circular pattern. Wipe the paste away with a cloth afterward. If it doesn't look like this is improving the scratch, stop. Too much buffing can dull the surface, and the scratch may be too deep to repair.

Don't use anything too abrasive on the cooktop, as you can add more scratches. If you drop something on the cooktop, it's possible to chip or crack the surface. Using a cracked glass cooktop is dangerous and poses a risk of electrical shock.

The only way to be sure the cooktop is safe is to replace it or to replace the glass. The method of removing and replacing the glass varies depending upon your cooktop. Sometimes the glass is held in place by screws at the front of the cooktop; the glass then lifts out. Sometimes you need to remove the brackets below the cooktop and lift it out to access the glass.

In both instances, be sure the power has been turned off before making repairs.It's always seemed like our burners were uneven and that the front right one would get really hot and not set to simmer.

Yesterday morning we were cooking up some bacon in a frying pan and heard a loud crack. There is a huge crack across the the whole burner! We didn't drop anything, it just swelled and cracked.

What Causes Ceramic Glass Electric Cook Top to Crack?

I wrote to their customer service and they said I just need to order another top. Clearly this is not a safe product and they don't care. I know I can't be the only person this happened to. Don't buy glass top stoves from Frigidaire Electrolux! Review is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer I was boiling water in a teapot and heard a loud noise.

It is a chip in the center of the burner of my Frigidaire stove. We had a Fridgidaire Gallery gas cooktop that did the same thing. We had already had to replace the igniters omn four burners. The glass completely shattered evenly, obviously from the expansion caused by the heat of normal use. Our homeowner's insurance sent a technician who claimed we must have dropped something on it. My Frigidaire Gallery stove top cracked the first time I turned it on and Frigidaire refuses to do anything about it.

I have called and emailed for a week and still no acknowledgement of responsibility by Frigidaire. Our glass top has cracked twice in 5 years. They need to address these defective tops. Same thing happened to me tonight! We were frying chicken and pow, glass cracked in numerous places. I replaced my cooktop 5 years ago with a Frigidaire glass smooth cooktop and the glass broke after only 3 years. I was told I had to replace the whole cooktop, so I bought the same kind. This is not a good product.

The cooktop we had previously was 15 years old and we never had a problem with the glass cracking.Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New media New media comments Latest activity.

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What can go wrong with Glass surfaced Hobs & Cooktops

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Joined Feb 11, Does anyone know if the top can be replaced for a reasonable amount? Or am I doomed to the "it's almost as cheap to replace the whole thing" syndrome??? I was beginning to hate my dishwasher Then the computer monitor died Now the stove You know how these things come in 3sThe differences between glass cook tops and traditional gas or electric surfaces do not stop at appearance.

The smooth surface of a ceramic cook top requires specific care and maintenance to keep it in optimal condition. Glass surfaces, unlike older-style cook tops, are prone to cracking and breakage if they are not treated properly.

reasons glass cooktops crack

Understanding the risk factors for cracking is the first step to protecting your surface from damage. Glass cook tops are susceptible to damage from certain types of cookware.

Heavy-duty aluminum, enameled cast iron, stainless steel and copper-bottom cookware are suitable choices for your glass range. Ensure that the bottoms of your cookware are smooth and free of any rough edges that can scratch the glass.

Cookware such as porcelain, stone, ceramic and traditional cast iron are not recommended on glass surfaces as they can scratch and damage the surface. Over time, scratches and damage can weaken the surface and cause it to crack.

Like most forms of glass, ceramic cook top surfaces are vulnerable to impact damage. Do not drop your cookware on the surface. The weight of the cookware will crack the surface. Cookware should be lifted carefully, even when moving from a burner to another area of the surface. Do not slide your cookware across the surface. Always place your pan on the cook top before turning on the heat. Placing a hot pan on a cold glass surface creates a thermal shock that can cause the surface to crack.

Never place hot pans from the oven or microwave on the glass surface, even on pot holders or hot plates. Select the proper burner size for the radius of the pan that you choose. Placing a large pan on a smaller burner will leave the cook top struggling to maintain the appropriate heat level. As a result, the surface will overheat, which can potentially create a stress fracture from the heat intensity.

Tara Kimball is a former accounting professional with more than 10 years of experience in corporate finance and small business accounting.

She has also worked in desktop support and network management. Her articles have appeared in various online publications. Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. Share this article. Tara Kimball. Show Comments.The heating element beneath the tempered glass enables it for quicker heating when compared to other cooktops.

While a ceramic cooktop needs a higher level of care than different cooktops to avoid breakage because of its glass surface but it will not crack easily under regular use.

Glass exteriors, unlike older-style cooktops, are prone to shattering and damage if they are not handled correctly. The differentiation between glass cooktops and regular gas or electric surfaces does not end at the appearance. Recognizing the risk factors for breaking is the first level of shielding your surface from damage. Glass cooktops are responsive to damage from specific types of cookware. Enameled cast iron, heavy-duty aluminum, stainless steel and copper-bottom cookware are decent options for your glass range.

Assure that the bottoms of your cookware are even and free of any sharp edges that can damage the glass. Cookware such as porcelain, ceramic, stone, and traditional cast iron is not approved on glass surfaces as they can damage and scratch the surface.

Over time, damage and scratches can weaken the cover and make it crack. Like most kinds of glass, ceramic cooktop exteriors are vulnerable to impact damage. Do not leave or drop your cookware on the cover. The weight of the cookware will shatter the surface. Cookware should be lifted correctly, even when moving from a burner to different area of the surface.

reasons glass cooktops crack

Do not slide your cookware over the surface. Always put your pan on the cooktop before switching on the heat. Placing a heated pot on a cold glass surface produces a thermal shock that can make the surface to crack. Never put hot pans from the microwave or oven on the glass surface, even on hot plates or pot holders.

Choose the proper burner size for the radius of the pan that you pick. Placing a large pot on a little burner will leave the cooktop striving to maintain the suitable heat level.

How to Repair a Glass Cooktop

As a result, the surface will blister, which can create a stress fracture from the heat strength. Follow safe handling instructions to avoid cracking your ceramic cooktop. You cannot store solid objects, such as containers or filled jars, above a ceramic cooktop because if one drops onto the surface, it may crack its glass. Use care when placing big cookware items on the cooktop. If you forget a hot lid on your cooktop, you might crash the glass when you lift it because of air trapped between the cover and the cooling cooking surface.

Do not let a pot or pan to boil dry. Do not use knives to cut the Ceramic Glass like a cutting board.

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It will harm its surface. Do not let the burner run hot without a pot on it. Your email address will not be published. How Energy Efficient is Induction Cooking? March 28, Kitchen Lighting June 22, Published by cr-admin at April 12, Related posts.

Read more.Ceramic cooktops are an attractive choice for many kitchens. They are generally safe to use but what if the ceramic cracks? Should a cracked cooktop still be used or should it be replaced? Kitchen safety is important.

Fire hazards and electrical shock are both major concerns. Burns should also be considered as these can be quite nasty when touching hot surfaces. Be sure that appliances are safe for use and that they are in proper working order. This will include the safety aspects of using cracked ceramic worktops. So is it safe to use a ceramic cooktop that has cracked?

The simple answer is no! If the cooktop has a crack in it, the homeowner should not use the cooktop at all. The smallest of cracks can cause dangerous problems. Electrical shock could occur if food or liquid were to spill over onto the crack. The use of cleaning solutions could be an important factor in electrocution as well. It is best to be safe than sorry!

Just Say No to Oven & Counter Crack! Seal the Gap Between the Stove & Counter

If the cooktop is cracked, have the ceramic replaced. Another option is to replace the entire cooktop. New installations should also be checked for cracks to avoid the possibility of personal injury. We welcome your comments and suggestions. All information is provided "AS IS. All rights reserved. You may freely link to this site, and use it for non-commercial use subject to our terms of use.

View our Privacy Policy here. Toggle navigation Login Register How-Tos. Written by Paul Miceli. Reviewed by Charles Ouellet. General Kitchen Safety Kitchen safety is important.

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Cracked Ceramic So is it safe to use a ceramic cooktop that has cracked? Additional Resources Homeowner Use: Why is argon gas used in windows? Popular Articles. Cleaning Burns on a Ceramic Cooktop. By Lakshmy Nair. How to Repair Chips in a Ceramic Cooktop. By Jennifer Aube. Buying Cookware for a Ceramic Glass Cook Buying Cookware for a Ceramic Glass Cooktop.

Installing an Induction Cooktop.One of the best reasons for buying a glass-top stove is a flat cooking surface that is a breeze to clean. It's so much easier than having to remove electric coils and clean out drip pans underneath gas burners. But there are some disadvantages to these smooth-top appliances. Glass can break, and when your glass-top stove gets a crack in it, you may not like the way it looks anymore. Unfortunately, this is not a problem that is simply repaired.

The glass in a smooth-top stove is tempered. That means it is made stronger by a heating process. This toughening method significantly increases the amount of stress a piece of glass can withstand before breaking. While thickness of glass and other factors will affect any glass-breakage requirements, tempering will add an additional 10, psi of resistance to any piece.

In addition, when a piece of tempered glass does break, it tends to break up into blocks or squares instead of completely shattering.

This makes for safer cleanup. All glass-top stoves use tempered glass for toughness and heat resistance. If the surface cracks, it is likely to be in a limited area, and the entire top is highly unlikely to shatter. This means that the crack may not be a major concern, aside from aesthetics. This is important because you won't be able to repair it. When a windshield or another piece of tempered glass breaks, you can sometimes repair it using epoxy and methods touted by auto repair shops.

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There is a way to make cracks in a car windshield seem to magically disappear before your eyes with minimal effort and expense. This might be possible to erase a crack in your glass-top stove as well, but the problem is that the temperature on the surface of your cook top gets far higher than the surface of your windshield.

The epoxy and other chemicals used to repair cracked tempered glass will not stand up to extreme heat, so the repair will not hold. The truth about fixing a crack in a glass stove top is simple — you can't really do it effectively.

reasons glass cooktops crack

The only real option is replacement. If the crack is affecting the cooking surface or is simply too unattractive for you to deal with, you should begin shopping for a replacement. Contact the manufacturer of your particular stove and find out how to obtain a new glass top. Most modern models have all sorts of replacement parts available. You can generally remove a glass top by removing screws in the front of the stove top and lifting it off the rear hinges.

You can then replace the entire cook top and reconnect the wiring. You should always turn off the power to the stove before working on it. Some models that set on top of a cabinet instead of an oven may require you to approach from underneath and loosen the top from support brackets and then take off the top and replace it. Although this may seem more complicated, it is still fairly simple. Lee Morgan is a fiction writer and journalist.

His writing has appeared for more than 15 years in many news publications including the "Tennesseean," the "Tampa Tribune," "West Hawaii Today," the "Honolulu Star Bulletin" and the "Dickson Herald," where he was sports editor.

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